About Us

New Europe Books mines lucid gems from a literary landscape shrouded for all too many in mysterythe former East Bloc. We seek to introduce new and classic-yet-undiscovered authors and books whose stories will resonate with readers far afield. Our authors include not only those born and raised in this part of the world (whether or not they happen to write about their own societies) but also expatriate writers from elsewhere and those who may have lived abroad for a short or long time but whose ancestry is rooted firmly somewhere in Eastern Europe—in short, all those whose lives are bound up in some manner with the region, and who share startling new perspectives on the human condition that will appeal to readers from far reaches of the globe. 

Young Europe Books launched in 2014 as an imprint of New Europe Books that presents the Old World in a new package abounding in youthful energy, emotions, and fantasy. Its debut title, M. Henderson Ellis's Petra K and the Blackhearts was followed up with Scott Alexander Young's brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated The Wild Cats of Piran, a book for lovers of cats and of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas aged nine to ninety-nine.

  • Paul Olchváry, Publisher & Editor (Williamstown, Massachusetts)
  • James Pihakis, Editorial Associate (North Adams, Massachusetts)
  • Matt Ellis, Editor at Large (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Karen Jones Olchváry, Production Editor (Hamilton, New Jersey)
  • Hadley Kincade, Designer (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Jenny Gitlitz, Editorial Adviser (Dalton, Massachusetts)

  • John Cox, Professor and Head of the Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, North Dakota State University
  • Jeffrey Pennington, Executive Director, Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, University of California, Berkeley
  • More names coming soon ...