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Two new books and the second edition of
Tomek Jankoswki's
Eastern Europe!
Coming this July: 
The Solace of Trees
A piercing and resonant debut novel about a young
war refugee of Muslim background who finds  
a new home in America before the post-9/11 era unravels his dream.

The Upright Heart
- a novel by Julia-Ain-Krupa -


Once Upon a Yugoslavia
When the American Way Met Tito's Third Way
Surya Green

The surprising lessons that life inside a surveillance state
taught one young American
about freedom, plenty, and privacy

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November 2015

"Inspiring and uplifting . . . [and] full of extraordinary personal adventures."
--Henry Breitrose (1936–2014),
Stanford University

The Color of Smoke
An Epic Novel of the Roma
August 2016

"A rare, observant snapshot . . .
of Romany life." --Kirkus Reviews

"The first novel in which a Gypsy
himself depicts his people . . .
A one-of-a-kind coming-of-age novel."
--Neue Zürcher Zeitung

"Gripping and important." --Kati Marton

The Devil Is a Black Dog
Stories from the Middle East and Beyond
December 2014

"Heady, dizzying writing . . .
A master class in how to tell a war story."
--Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"A truly authentic dive into the psyche, 
spirituality, and frailty of mankind."
--Brian Dabbs, former contributor to the 
New York Times and Al-Jazeera 

The Wild Cats of Piran
October 2014

In this first chronicle, the wild cats encounter the ghosts of Piran and the wicked General Rat! Join beautiful Queen Felicia, faithful warrior Dragan, and their feral feline family for nine enthralling and beautifully illustrated tales of adventure and enchantment.

A TV scriptwriter, writer, and actor, author Scott Alexander Young has been just about everywhere—including, of course, Piran.

Petra K and the Blackhearts
- a novel by M. Henderson Ellis -
February 2014

"A breathless . . . adventure pits a poor, fatherless girl   against all sides in a battle for a dragon's heart and a city's freedom. . . . Meticulously imagined, Petra's city is built on ancient layers of cultures and traditions, with magic woven into its fabric. . . . [A] remarkable and distinctive offering for devoted fantasy fans." 
Kirkus Reviews

"Ellis's . . . years living in Eastern Europe give this steampunk fantasy . . . a strong sense of place and an unerring ear for the newspeak of totalitarianism. Archibald the Precious, a child dictator . . . takes the reins in Pava, the crumbling city-state in which Petra K lives. . . . Ellis's pacing and plotting show considerable gifts as Petra draws closer to the secret of Archibald's power." 
Publishers Weekly

"Mocked at school and neglected at home, young Petra K finds sanctuary in the streets of Pava, where forbidden magic is still practiced, mechanized automatons hawk their wares, and miniature dragons run wild. . . . The blend of magic and machinery is eerily intriguing. . . . Petra K is a stalwart but accessible heroine."Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Keeping Bedlam at Bay in the Prague Cafe
- a novel by M. Henderson Ellis -
February 2013

"[G]enuine imagination and an energetic wit. Ellis vividly re-creates the atmosphere of a city in the throes of transformation as well as the American Quixotes who populate this new frontier." Publishers Weekly

"An ode to expatriate living, culture clashes, and the heady days of early 1990s Europe, this novel is a manic, wild ride. . . . [D]arkly comic . . . immersive, nostalgic, and thoroughly enjoyable." Booklist

"Former barista John Shirting from Chicago, an expat in the hallucinatory Prague of the Nineties, stands in the good company of Ignatius J. Reilly, Chauncey Gardener, and Forest Gump." 
—Andrei Codrescu

The Essential Guide to Being Polish
50 Facts & Figures of Nationhood

Anna Spysz and Marta Turek
July 2013

"I invite you on this journey into the depths of the Polish soul." 
from the Foreword by Lech Walesa
"The Essential Guide to Being Polish recounts the political and cultural history of Poland—and, if you will, of Polishness—with a reader-friendly, streamlined clarity that . . . never loses sight of the essential complexity of its subject." 
—Stuart Dybek, award-winning author of The Coast of Chicago and I Sailed with Magellan

Illegal Liaisons

- a novel of contemporary Brussels by Grazyna Plebanek -
August 2013

"Plebanek's crisp and intelligent new novel is full of pitch-perfect descriptions, mostly but not exclusively about sex and its contemplation. . . . A merciless comedy of modern manners, and the politics of desire."
Publishers Weekly

"A remarkable achievement. . . . A must for anyone with a mind for the erotic who also values their mind.—Catherine Millet, author of The Sexual Life of Catherine M.

Eastern Europe!
Everything You Need to Know About the History (and More) of a Region That Shaped Our World and Still Does
Tomek Jankowski
October 2013

"A veritable intellectual feat. . . . A must-read for all who want to learn about and understand this forgotten part of Europe." —from the Foreword by Laszlo Borhi, Indiana University, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

"An entertaining and fact-fileld historical survey of a fascinating and important part of the world all too infrequently covered . . . leading the reader on an approximately 2,000-year odyssey." —Jeff Pennington, Executive Director, Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, University of California, Berkeley

"A valuable contribution to a field that needs a well researched and engaging introduction to Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans." —John Ashbrook, Sweet Briar College

Voyage to Kazohinia
- a classic dystopian novel by Sandor Szathmari -
July 2012

“Massively entertaining. . . . Make room for the new Gulliver!” Gregory Maguire, 
author of Wicked and Out of Oz

 “Most certainly a literary masterpiece."William Auld, Nobel Prize nominated poet, Esperanto translator ofThe Lord of the Rings


A Tale of Genius and Grit, Perilous Times, and the Invention that Changed the Way We Write

Gyorgy Moldova
August 2012

reads like a fast-paced mystery.
Henry Petroski, author of The Pencil 

This fascinating book tells the remarkable story of
the two Hungarians who made the first workable ballpoint pen and who . . . earned almost nothingfrom it.” 
John Emsley, author of 
Molecules of Murder

Just a Bite

A Transylvania Vampire Expert's Short History of the Undead

Istvan Pivarcsi

October 2012

- Almost 40 bite-size chapters on the history of our fascination with vampires    
  • A 20-page glossary of vampire terms
  • A chronology of vampire-related events throughout history


The Essential Guide to Being Hungarian
50 Facts & Figures of Nationhood

Edited by Istvan Bori

July 2012